10 Witchy Songs for November

Hello witches! Are you settled in for the dark of the year?

I can’t let go of the Samhain feels. Although my altar is shifting and the Yule lights are literally in a box on the table next to me – I’m still feeling the deep dark veil vibes. So, for your listening pleasure, here is a collection of 10 witchy tunes that might help us take a step away from the Samhain celebration of death and turn toward the Yule consummation of life. This is our very first playlist and we will add more songs as the month goes on; you can hear the updated playlist on Historical Witchcraft YouTube.

Cozy up with a witch’s brew and join us for a little music!

🦇 Witchy Songs For November 🍂

Zombies – It’s The Time of The Seasons. I know this is supposed to be about spring fever but my blood boils in the fall so whatever. 🤣

Bat For Lashes – Moon and Moon. This is a song love lost and of curling into oneself and healing. Milk and honey🍯 for the soul.

Donovan – Season of the Witch. The number one happy fall song. https://www.witchemoji.com/

CocoRosie – Gallows. A song of love gone wrong from Australia featuring necromancy and colonists. 🦘

Willie Dixon – I Ain’t Superstitious. I love this one because it names some passed down superstitions in my family, not all though. “Get dishwater on your dress and you’ll marry a drunk,” is not what this song is about. 🍻

Smoke Fairies – Strange Moon Rising. Ever feel the pull to leave and the pull to stay in equal measure? This song feels like that, only more; higher stakes in action and inaction.

Bohnes – Zombie Love. In this song, she chooses to stay, and then she brings him back to life.

Simon Curtis – Flesh. 🧛🏻‍♀️ Vampire vibes here, all the way. Be brave.

Moondog – Caribea. Let’s just call this an interlude to jazz.

Native American Flute Music – Calling Snow. The low flute is calling the snow, and the light flute is the snow responding.

There are already more songs on the playlist so subscribe in the sidebar then go check them out!

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