Ginger Matcha Tea: Witch’s Brew

Do you love the matcha but not the price tag of the matcha tools?

After scouring the internet for another way to make the rich and frothy matcha I think I’ve settled on a favorite. The secret weapon is a mason jar! #witchesunite

Witch's Brew Matcha Tea


Matcha has a slew of medicinal properties and some magical properties too. It is the ground version of green tea. With most tea, you infuse your water, but matcha is different because the intention is to eat the leaf. The properties of green tea are understandably increased when you eat the leaf instead of just drinking leaf juice.

Matcha medicinal properties; strengthens metabolism, detoxifies, lowers blood sugars (over time), lowers cholesterol.

Matcha magical properties; prolongs life, banishes negativity, soothes the soul, increases sexual stamina.

Matcha nutrition facts: So many Antioxidants!

matcha nutritional facts

Ginger also has a great deal of medicinal and magical benefits.

Ginger medicinal properties; improves GI health, reduces inflammation, reduces pain including PMS pain, helps the heart.

Ginger magical properties: use for protection, to spice up your love life, to boost your magic mojo, and to attract prosperity.

Ginger nutrition facts:

ginger nutritional facts

When mixing matcha and ginger some of the medicinal and magical benefits are increased by association. For example, the matcha prolongs life by detoxifying the body with all those antioxidants, and adding ginger with magical intent can boost your healing powers as a witch, thus increasing the potion’s performance. This is an easy potion to shake up. Here is the scoop for a refreshing cup of cold matcha. You can have hot leaf juice too, just use hot water. Don’t burn yourself!

Witch’s Brew:  Ginger Matcha Tea

Mason Pint Jar
lid and ring

1tsp matcha
1tsp grated ginger
1/2 cup of very warm water
1 cup of cold water

Put the very warm water in the jar. Add matcha and ginger. Close. SHAKE. Shake more. Shake more. Shake more. The more you shake the frothier it gets! That should do it. Carefully unscrew the ring, open the lid and add the remaining water. Shake once more. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: The lists of medicinal and magical properties above are not exhaustive, there are other properties not included here. This post is not intended as medical advice. ALWAYS go to the doctor when you need to.