What does witchy poo mean?

Witchy poo is an increasingly common term but it can mean more than one thing. We’ll start with the latest definition and move back in time.

Witchy poo [alt. Witchy-poo, Witchypoo, Witchiepoo] (noun)

witchy poo

1: A term of endearment for a magical practitioner; typically on tumblr. When you reveal your magical status to your muggle partner and they love you all the more, they may lovingly refer to you as a witchy poo. An individual witch may also refer to themself as a witchy poo.

2: A term of derision for a witch who only practices white-magic. If a group of witches with different magical sensibilities comes together, the fluffy-bunnies may be referred to as witchy-poos. Similar to the Stepford-wife term “wifey” in recent vernacular.

3: A Canadian grunge band from the late 20th century. Warning: profanity.

4: A character from a television show. Witchiepoo was a caricature of a witch from the late 1970s children’s television show, H.R. Pufnstuf. The character was played by Billie Hayes, born in the 1930s with experience on Broadway, in television, and as a voice actor in numerous cartoons and animated movies (including The Black Cauldron and Nightmare Before Christmas). Wilhemina W. Witchiepoo was a green-tinted, hook-nosed, large chinned, character with a penchant for hitting her inferiors. She was a bumbling version of the Wicked Witch of the West.

The show is a trip.

5. A term of derision for a person who speaks vaguely or falsely about magic practices, specifically Wicca and undefined spiritualism. Similar to, and possibly a derivative of the term “wifie” in the old Scottish vernacular which meant an old and/or uneducated woman.

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Although tumblr has taken the term, witchy poo, and softened it (like the term wifey that is now accepted by some) it is typically derisive. We do not count ourselves among the ‘witchy poo’ ranks and would advise others against the practice. It is the softening of your power – literally putting your Lilith in a locked box. Be proud of your inner Lilith. Don’t be a witchy poo; embrace your whole-self.

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