13 Witch Gift Ideas

Here are 13 gift ideas, and more than 20 links to spectacular gifts for the witchy people on your list. Happy Shopping!

1. Candles

Shabbat candles are my favorite although I also like jar candles and tealights too. Although candles come in many colors, a witch can always use white and black.

2. Incense

Incense is a great way for your witch to incorporate the element of air into their magical practice, and you can choose the scent! Incense burners are also nice, and a matching set is definitely a winner.

3. Pretty Bowls

Altars change with the seasons and sometimes you just need a bowl for some water. Pretty bowls get extra points: glass, earthenware, and ceramic bowls are all good options.

4. Crystals

If you are new to the ways of the witch, crystals can make your head spin. Pick what you like, or go with something in the quartz family; rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, or other quartz.

5. Mortar and pestle

Nothing is more satisfying than grinding your own herb blends in your very own mortar and pestle.

6. Tarot Decks

An essential part of the witchy toolbox, tarot cards help witches see into the world and into themselves. Decks come in a-million-and-one varieties. If you know your witch loves fairies, or if the witchling on your list is just starting their magical journey, or if they struggle with focus but love the idea of reading tarot try this minimalist synesthesia deck, or if they are ready to take it to the next level with complex and layered intuitive tarot readings you can find a tarot deck for the witch on your list.

13 witch gifts for yule

7. Scrying tools

Scrying does not require a pendulum, but they can help. Here are two options for the scrying witch on your list: copper and quartz, gold plated obsidian. In addition to a pendulum, scrying witches can also use black mirrors and crystal balls or any other shape that has a smooth surface. Two options for gaze-scrying include an obsidian ball and a traditional crystal ball.

8. Runes

Runes are an alphabet, but not the same kind of romanized alphabet used in English, Spanish, French, and all Latin-based languages. Each runic letter also represents an idea and throwing runes is another method of divination. Rune sets are a great gift, you can get stone runes, acorn runes, and runes made of other materials or you can make a set out of wood. Follow your heart to find the best witchy gift.

9. Oils

There are lots of different kinds of oils on the market. Cooking oils are awesome because they are safe for all applications, and some oils (like coconut oil) serve as great carrier oils for witchy projects. Essential oils are too harsh to apply directly to the skin but excellent for aromatherapy and humidifiers. Bergamot is a great aromatic stress reliever and blended with a carrier oil it can help protect, nourish and soften dry winter skin.

10. Small Storage

To do that kitchen magic, witches need storage containers. Pretty little bottles and little jars are a great choice. Home Depot has a small jar and storage rack that looks great too.

11. Skeins of Yarn or Rolls of Ribbon

Knot magic requires things to knot and ribbons and cords are the preferred medium. Each color has a different meaning so a variety of colors allows for great spellwork. Varigated yarns may be helpful too, depending on the spellwork. Follow your heart with color choice. Your local fabric store has ribbon, and craft stores have at least one wall-of- yarn to choose from.

12. Windchimes

Wind chimes help banish bad vibes and keep evil spirits at bay. Chimes come in all shapes, sizes, and tones, just listen for a clear ring. That’s the right wind chime for a witch.

13. Witchy Jewelry

Pentacles are a good go-to witchy symbol. You can get earrings or necklaces or maybe find a bracelet. Here are two different necklaces; one with a solid crescent moon and pentacle, and one with a filagree moon and pentacle. Full disclosure: my hubs and I make and sell these earrings and necklaces on eBay, click through and buy one!

Any of the items on this “13 Witchy Gifts for Yule” List will make the witches on your list smile. Use your heart when gift-giving, it’s smarter than you think!

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