Happy New Year Witches!

Ready for your New Year’s Eve Moon Forecast?

I’ve got three tips about the general mood as we ring in 2020!

    1. The Moon is trine North Node so our collective imagination is enhanced, and our minds are stable and strong, with accurate psychic sensitivities and reliable impressions. This contributes to creative talents that we may not fully utilize. There is an alignment between our emotions and our life path so the more we are in touch with our emotional and imaginative selves, the more we can grow as individuals and as a group.  Also, quell your suspicions and ignore the paranoia.
    2. The Moon is sextile Sun which means this is a perfect night to get the ball rolling on your dreams and desires. Your emotion and logic mind should be on the same page so resolutions *or intentions* that you set now – will have a greater probability of success!
    3. The Moon is conjunct Neptune so we are all a little more empathic than usual. Use your heightened sense of connection to make those ill-at-ease feel comfortable and guard yourself against potential sources of negativity. Also, the influence of mind-altering substances is amplified so be careful how much you consume. Everybody is a light-weight tonight!

Tonight is a great night to find and connect with like-minded folks!
Whether you’re staying in or going out have fun tonight and be safe!


Happy New Year Witches

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