February 2020, Mercury Retrograde Made Easy

Mercury = ☿
Retrograde = ℞
Mercury Retrograde = ☿ ℞

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system. Its year is less than 90 days long, which means that sometimes it looks like it goes backward from our Earth-bound perspective. When Mercury appears to go backward we call it retrograde motion. The idea of retrograde swept though the sky-watchers before Astronomy existed.*

This is the first Mercury retrograde of a new cycle so it is especially arduous. You can expect difficulty communicating during any Mercury retrograde and that includes emails, texts, contracts, and spoken agreements but this is the primary retrograde and therefore one of the most influential. Avoid business travel and making business changes. Any problems that have been brewing in the background of your life are more likely to blow up.

Mercury controls communication, both listening and speaking. The road ahead is more bumpy than normal. It is not a good time to start new projects or buy new things because Mercury also rules commerce. Buy it now and it is more likely to break, to be recalled, or to go on sale after the retrograde period ends. Additionally, no one is as clever as they think they are during Mercury retrograde. This period is extremely hard on comedians.

The February 2020 Mercury retrograde period starts during Aquarius season. Aquarius is an air sign so if you must make a decision, or move, or buy a new phone, or start a new job, the first thing to do is to talk about it with trustworthy people, then do a lot of research, more than seems necessary. When it is time to make your move, be objective and try your best to eliminate any emotional bias before making your choice. Yet, on February 19th we shift into the water sign Pisces. If you have to make changes or do something new between February 19th and March 10th, do your research, and talk to trustworthy people, be objective, and listen to your gut. Again, do not be swayed by emotions. It is sometimes difficult to separate intuition and emotion, but that is what this period of Mercury retrograde demands of us.

Although there are a great number of things to avoid during Mercury retrograde, not everything about this period is negative. It is a good time to complete projects and to tie up loose ends. It is a good time to look within and examine where you are today. Do not make future plans quite yet. Use this time to see the here and now. Whatever goes wrong now is an opportunity (believe it or not) to realign with your life goals. Mercury takes weak things apart so you can build stronger things. It’s also a great time to reconnect with people who you have lost contact with. Even though mercury retrograde can be frustrating, it can also be rewarding. All the “re-” words correspond to Mercury retrograde: restart, reapply, recover, redesign, reconnect, reexamine… These are all good things to do during Mercury retrograde.

Mercury goes direct on March 10th. It’ll be here before you know it.

Best of luck my friends. May Jupiter be favorable to us all.

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* Astronomy came into existence after Astrology was an established practice, many thousands of years old. As new scientists began trying to parse the provable from the unprovable, many central Astrological ideas were abandoned in favor of specific measurements and a more mathematically accurate vision of the universe. Most, if not all of Astrology was created from an earth-centric perspective. Astronomy points out that the Earth is not the center of existence, but instead, the Earth is only the center of our existence.

The sky is not a two-dimensional shell that encases the Earth and when we travel into space we see that the planets and constellations are all moveable points. Thanks to Astronomy we know a great deal about the movement of all heavenly bodies including our Earth. Thanks to Astrology, we can see patterns that occur with increased frequency during Mercury’s retrograde motion. Astrology does not record the mathematical measurements of the subtle effect Mercury has on the Earth, only thousands of years of casually observed and recorded data as to how Mercury retrograde coincides with specific human behavior patterns.