Green Goodness Hand Sanitizer: Witch’s Brew

If your supply of hand sanitizer is running low, have no fear, you can make your own!

This recipe contains two ingredients and is mixed in a mason jar.

The headline-making, historic, big-bad virus of the day is a novel coronavirus called COVID-2019. The good news is, COVID-2019 is not immortal; you can kill the virus with cleanliness.

Last week, hand sanitizer flew off store shelves as would-be-sellers hoped to get-rich-quick by price-gouging the public. Luckily, resale sites like Amazon and eBay have prohibited the resale of hand sanitizers online. I imagine this will lead to the donation of said products to local schools and municipalities over the next few months which is good for schools… so… then there’s that…

To be clear, hand sanitizer is not a necessity. Washing with soap and warm water (for 20 seconds) is an effective way to kill the virus if you get it on your hands. Additionally, the Center for Disease Control advises, “If soap and water are not available and hands are not visibly dirty, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol may be used.”

As we get into spring (Ostara is next week!) businesses stock their shelves with sunscreen and aloe-based after-sun products. That’s our secret green ingredient. The mix is simple, 2 parts aloe gel and 1 part 60% (or higher content) isopropyl alcohol.


The wide-mouth Kerr jar we used contains 6 oz of aloe gel and 3 ounces of alcohol. At first, the unincorporated hand sanitizer has a very thin consistency. After shaking, the gel and alcohol combine and firm into the standard hand sanitizer consistency.


For ease of use, I transferred this batch into a clean, handsoap dispenser. If you transfer your mix too, make sure to use a traditional handsoap bottle, not a foaming bottle because the gel is too thick for the foaming pump.


On a final note; you can buy the ingredients from Amazon and your finished product is more affordable than hand sanitizer! Plus, it’s so aesthetically pleasing who wouldn’t want to make it? :)

Stay clean. Stay healthy!

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2 thoughts on “Green Goodness Hand Sanitizer: Witch’s Brew

  1. Interesting! I personally hate hs and people freak out when I won’t use it. I prefer to not touch my face until I get to soap and water. That said, I do figure it’s better than nothing but I just don’t trust it. It’s neat to see that it can be made so easily! I might do this as presents in the future. How about EOs in?

    1. Hi Madtante! I prefer soap and water too, it’s our best line of defense against all bacteria and viruses. Cleanliness is key! That being said, it’s nice to have hs in the car after opening public doors wherever we go. I don’t know what EO is, so I can’t comment! Help me out here, tell me what EO is and I’ll tell you what I think!

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