Ask Me Anything with Historical Witchcraft

Hi! So we are a little excited about this. Okay, more than a little!

On Tumblr, there is this thing called AMA, which means Ask Me Anything. It’s an invitation and we would like to extend one to you!

From this moment forward, until midnight on May 15th, we are open to field all of your questions. Ask us anything you can think of, excluding personally-identifying information.

If you have a question about

  • modern magick practices including but not limited to, Wicca, Houdou, Voodoo, Eclectic, Hedge, Kitchen, Garden, Black/White magick, Gray magic, etc.
  • divination including tarot, clairsentience, scrying, runes, aeromancy, gazing, astrology, etc.
  • witchcraft
  • dream craft
  • astral projection
  • pagan deities
  • folklore
  • mythology
  • herbology
  • potter-verse
  • lotr-verse
  • Winchesters
  • [enter your fandom here]!
  • demonology
  • necromancy
  • angel work
  • sex, drugs, rock and roll
  • psychology
  • mental health
  • history
  • science
  • one of us
  • something else entirely, orAMA ask me anything

If you are looking for

  • three opinions
  • three answers
  • three guesses
  • three ideas

about something that’s on your mind, or if you need to vent anonymously, this is the perfect AMA for you!

To keep it simple we are accepting questions by email. Send us your question and what we can call you. Use the subject header, “ASK.” On May 16th we open your emails and answer your questions together in HW’s first podcast! If you send us a recording of you asking your question, then we will try and include it in our podcast too. We’ll publish the podcast on Sunday, May 24th here on the blog and on SoundCloud.

We are really excited about this project and your questions!

Send your emails to

Talk soon!