Have you seen the Moon & Garden App?


Not kidding. The Moon and Garden App is available in the Google Play store. I don’t know if it’s in the Apple store or other app stores. If it’s not you will wish it was. :)

So, JOCS (Jump on CS) made it and it comes with a built-in gardening community. The app is French but translates into English seamlessly.

You can design a garden, talk with other gardeners, upload pictures, take notes, research plants, make reminders for your own garden, talk in forums, and see your local weather.

That’s not even the cool stuff yet.

It is also a biodynamic and organic gardening app. I enjoy learning about biodynamics but I am not an expert. Basically, biodynamics is the incorporation of magick in gardening. Specifically, biodynamics uses magick and mundane methods to amend and nourish the soil, to schedule tasks, and to make your garden grow.

The calendar in the app provides two lists. One lists good activities, and the other lists not-so-good activities for each day based on the moon’s sign, phase, and inclination.

We’ve discussed moon sign gardening before here and here, and phase gardening is not too difficult to grasp. Just increase when the moon increases, and decrease when the moon decreases. So, plant and nourish during a waxing moon, then harvest, prune and weed during a waning moon.

Incinlation is which way the moon is tilting in relationship to the Earth. The moon’s orbit is elliptical and sometimes the moon moves toward the Earth and sometimes away from it. Additionally, the moon wobbles, tilting toward and away from the earth. I have yet to understand how that effects gardening, but the app is helping me learn.

If you want to make your flowers bloom, give your houseplants a boost, or grow more of your own food. Check out the app.

I was not paid to write this, it’s just that good.