Mabon Celebrating Made Easy

Mabon takes place on the Atumnal Equinox when the 24 hour day is divided equally into light and dark. The Fall Equinox is the peak harvest celebration of many pagan faiths. Depending on how far North or how far South you live in the Northern hemisphere, the abundance of the harvest may be nearing its peak. For all you Southern Hemisphere Witches, Happy Ostara!

You can celebrate Mabon in many different ways. Simple things like looking out your window for signs of the season, watching your favorite fall movie (we have lists of those for another post!), indulging in pumpkin anything, or having a cup of hot chocolate can be a celebration. Baking, canning, or stocking your pantry are other ways to really notice and be grateful for the bountiful harvests of summer, and to welcome the fall.


Over the past few years we have incorporated more magic into the kitchen and Mabon is an excellent time to let your creativity run wild. Years ago we printed ornate Apothocary themed labels for household basics including Salt, Flour, and Sugar. We liked the look of them so much we kept the lables all year long rather than removing them after Halloween. No matter how your kitchen is decorated you can print labels and reference sheets to match. The labels do not have to look like they came out of a victorian apothocary shop, but they can if you want them too! In addition to individual labels, you can print out reference sheets for the inside of your kitchen cabinets like these:

magical properties of herbal tea
baking incantations
measurement conversion cheat sheet
favorite kitchen quotes
favorite recipies
old wives tales about kitchen behavior

Mabon is not limited to the kitchen, however, and you can use this time to prepare your garden, dining room, and living room for the upcoming cozy and dark months. If there was ever a time to get your hygge on, it’s Mabon.

Remove and compost the withered summer vines from the garden.
Decorate your table with tea lights and leaf cutouts in fall colors.
Flannel,sheepskin, and other throwback fabrics are perfect for fall.
Search for pretty autumn images to print out, or use these 1, 2, 3.
Order your favorite candles in fall-scents.
Start making Yule gifts, or writing your list!

Whatever you decide to do – enjoy the first sunset of the season.

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