A hopeful return and Imbolc

Aiming for a return to blogging and social media. H here, reaching out and reconnecting. I’ll be honest – for the entirety of 2020 I didn’t want to be connected to any social media. I very much embodied Hermit mode. I’m still there but Brigid gave me a little kick this morning. Nothing specific, nothing physical, just a nudge. I knew it was about time for Imbolc but I hadn’t verified the date yet. I woke up this morning and it’s like my brain switched on and my energy/aura/chakra system, however you describe it, basically started reaching out to the sun (which is beautifully out today) and the local ley lines without conscious effort.

Imbolc began yesterday, Feb 1, and continues through today, Feb 2. It is Brigid’s day, a time for hearthy celebration and reawakening. (There’s a reason Valentines day is scheduled 2 weeks after.) Imbolc is an earthy festival and one that nearly every witch, wizard, fairy, imp, human etc. looks forward to. It’s the point, in the Northern hemisphere, that you can catch the promise of the coming Spring, if only briefly, before more winter blazes through for another month or few. As 2021 gets rolling (1 month in already!) I’m ready for what’s next. Imbolc is encouragement to soldier on and a reminder that there is time now to get reacquainted with our practice.

Make the most of what may feel like a continued forced slowdown. Bake a goodie to enjoy with your circle (in person or virtually). Indulge in some berries or winter fruit. Burn candles. Remember those things that you never seem to have time for and do them. These are ways to celebrate Imbolc without having to follow a big plan or get all fancy, unless you want to! Me, well the fire is what’s calling to me this year. So I’m lighting candles and honoring Brigid. If you haven’t already, allow this to be the turn from what seems like a longer than usual (already) winter. Hopefully, we’ll post soon, if not please be forgiving because we are human and dealing with this wild world too. Thank you for sticking with us this far!


2 thoughts on “A hopeful return and Imbolc

  1. It’ll certainly be early Spring for us this year in New England. We had a blasted winter storm all day on the first and it left us with 12 inches of snow! It may have ruined my plans for the day but, in the long run, I’ll be happy with early Spring.

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