About us

There are three of us at HW. We like pop-culture, books, and YouTube. We like technology in general, history, collecting recipes, and speculating about the future. We are all born-witches. Two of us grew up in Christian households and one of us did not. We like to keep it light even when discussing serious topics; such as the first time each one of us felt the whisper of magic.

For the purpose of introduction, we borrow the ancient Babylonian night sky, the Meyers’Briggs’ personality test, and the Hogwart’s sorting hat:

  • R – Leo INXJ Gryffindor
  • H – Capricorn ISFJ Ravenpuff
  • S – Taurus ISFJ Hufflepuff

We are here to share what we know, and to learn more about witches throughout history, pagan music, books, recipes, spells, sigils, alchemy, elemental magic, and lore. We are here to study the intersection of history and magic, as well as linguistics and etymology as they relate to witchcraft. We are here to investigate clashing ideas, pagan holidays, deities, and witchcraft laws (past and present). We are here to explore pre-history with what we know so far and the sacred art of storytelling.

We are here to explore and share. Delve into the world of magic with us, subscribe now.

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Let's talk about it.

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