Magical Correspondence List

There is an infinite number of helpful and useful correspondence for your magical practice. This is a dynamic and growing list of correspondences to help you build an altar, craft a spell, decorate your home, perform rituals, practice magic, chose the right outfit, style your life toward a specific goal, decorate your cubicle with magical purpose, or any other witchcraft application you can think of, with the help of magical/magickal correspondences.

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Color Correspondence

  • black – source, unknown, protection, clean, life, death
  • white – purity, barrenness, empty, potential, life, death
  • red – fire, heat, passion, intensity, lust, life, death
  • vermillion – red + orange
  • orange –  ending, beginning, change, luck, personal power, life, death
  • dark saffron – orange + yellow
  • yellow – intelligence, communication, naivety, joy, life, death
  • chartreuse – yellow + green
  • green – growth, virility, luck, jealousy, fertility, life
  • teal – green + blue
  • aquamarine – blue + green
  • blue – calm, work, wisdom, truth, faith, life after death
  • indigo – the space between life and death, dreams, reality, falsehood, life, death
  • purple – indigo + violet = magic
  • violet – intuition, imagination, instinct, deception, the collective unconscious, life, death

Metal Correspondence

  • gold – sun, light, power, wealth, abundance, agitation, fire, life, death, regeneration
  • silver – moon, stillness, peace, quiet, contentment, cocoon, water, life, death, regeneration
  • copper – love, health, prosperity, balance, conduit, change, confusion, life, death
  • tin – sun, luck, business, prosperity, success, learning, imagining, traveling, life

Element Correspondence

  • earth – pentacles, black, earth tones (mud rainbow)
  • air – swords, white, pastels (soft rainbow)
  • water – cups, black, muted colors (dark rainbow)
  • fire – wands, white, jewel tones (saturated rainbow)
  • ether – major arcana, energy, infinity, plasma (neon rainbow)

Zodiac Correspondence

  • Aries – fire, saturated rainbow, devil horns, Mars, garnet and diamond, allspice and cloves, the head, swords and torches, iron, IV the emperor, suit of wands
  • Taurus – earth, muddy rainbow, bulls, Venus, emerald and jade, honeysuckle and thyme, throat and neck, cattle horns and rope, copper, V the hierophant, suit of pentacles
  • Gemini – air, soft rainbow and black, twins, Mercury,  green agate and pearl, dill and lavender, shoulders and arms, knives and incense, mercury, VI the lovers, suit of swords
  • Cancer – water, dark rainbow, crab claws, Moon, pearl and moonstone, lemon balm and sage, chest and stomach, cups and rattles, silver, VII the chariot, suit of cups
  • Leo – fire, saturated rainbow, lion, Sun, peridot and tiger’s eye, marigold and nutmeg, heart, bonfires and wands, gold, VIII strength, suit of wands
  • Virgo – earth, muddy rainbow,  maiden, Mercury, blue sapphire and amazonite, moss and peppermint, digestive tract, medicine bags and drums, nickel, IX the hermit, suit of pentacles
  • Libra – air, soft rainbow, the scales, Venus, opal and tourmaline, catnip and sweet pea, kidneys and lower back, dolls and fans, bronze, XI justice, suit of swords
  • Scorpio – water, dark rainbow, scorpions and lobster, Pluto, serpentine and obsidian, ginger and cumin, genetalia, cauldrons and rings, steel, XIII death, suit of cups
  • Sagittarius – fire, saturated rainbow, bow and arrows, Jupiter, labradorite and smokey quartz, juniper and sage, horses, hips and thighs, candles and staffs, brass, XIV temperance, suit of wands
  • Capricorn – earth, muddy rainbow,  ram’s horns, Saturn, garnet and onyx, vervain and cypress, bones, stones and salts, pewter, XV the devil, suit of pentacles
  • Aquarius – air, soft rainbow, vases, Uranus, Amethyst, lavender and peppermint, ankles, bells and drums, aluminum, XVII the star, suit of swords
  • Pisces – water, dark rainbow, fish, Neptune, Aquamarine, jasmine and gardenia, feet, mirrors and crystal balls, tin, XVIII the moon, suit of cups